Three Beaches Near Vicenza, Italy

If you are a beach lover, you can get your ocean fix without traveling far from Vicenza. Each one of these three beaches on the Adriatic Sea are between one and two hours away from Vicenza.

About Beaches in Italy

Most beaches in Italy are private beaches where you pay to lay in the sun and relax. For around €15 to €20, you will get a beach umbrella and a couple of lounge chairs to use. There are a few free beaches (spiaggia libera). You can usually tell these by the fact that there are no lounge chairs or umbrellas in rows. Plan on paying around €10 for parking as well. There will be vendors and food stands sprinkled around so you will always be able to get a drink, snack or meal. Beach toys, flip-flops and swimsuit cover-ups  are usually for sale, as well.

European beaches are a bit more relaxed than American beaches. Do not be surprised if you see some topless women. Though it is not the norm, it is not really that unusual either. Businesses on the beach do expect you to cover yourself while you are in their establishment. So, don’t wander around in your speedo or bikini!

During the Italian “vacation months” of July and August, everyone in Italy seems to flock to the beach. The traffic is horrible  and often backed up for miles on the autostrada. Leave very early in the morning to get a good spot and avoid traffic! Better yet, go in June and September!

Jesolo Beach

North of Venice, Jesolo Beach is a great place to take your family. The beach is accessible by car, train and bus. The bus and train will require more planning, because you will have to research the times the transportation is available. Parking costs will vary by lot, but costs approximately €1.50 per hour. If you park further away and walk, the parking costs are lower.

Jesolo beach has many playgrounds and options for people with children. Once a year there is an International Sand Sculpture Festival. After  the entries are judged, you can view some top notch sand sculptures for only a few euro.

To drive to Jesolo, take highway A4 towards Venice. Stay on A4 past the toll booth. Follow the signs to Marco Polo Airport and you will go the right direction. Many signs mark the way to Jesolo Beach, so just follow them.

Lignano Beach

Another beach north of Venice, Lignano Beach, is made up of three beaches. These beaches include Lignano Sabbiadoro, Lignano Pineta and Lignano Riviera. There is a beach for everyone here. The Lignano Sabbiadoro beach even allows your dog to accompany you.

There is an aquapark, as well as an amusement park nearby for those who wish to stay for longer than an afternoon.

Lignano Beach is even further north than Jesolo Beach. Follow A4 to Venice, then remain on A4 until you reach the Latisiana exit.   Once you take the exit, there will be signs for Lignano Lido.

Sottomarina Beach

Sottamarina Beach, south of Venice has many private beaches. There is a free area on the beach as well, for those who choose not to pay for beach access.

In addition to the beach, Chioggia has an amazing fish market and   ferries that can take you to Venice.

To reach Sottomarina Beach, take A4 highway toward Venice. Turn on A13 toward Monselice. Follow the signs to Chiogga and eventually you will see the signs to Sottomarina Lido.

Now,  get the sunscreen ready and hop in the car!!!






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