Where to Rent a Car in Vicenza

So, you make it through the paperwork, the flight and have managed to settle into your cramped hotel room in Vicenza. There are so many things to get used to when you arrive, but if you are anything like I am all you can think about is getting some wheels so you can learn about […]

Some Information on the International Drivers License

One of the perks of being stationed in Italy is travel! From Vicenza, you can reach more than five countries within four hours by car. Before you hop in the car and take off, don’t forget to get your international drivers license. What is the International Drivers License? The international drivers license is also called […]

How to Use an Italian Pharmacy

Getting sick in a foreign country can be pretty scary. Most of us don’t think we will ever need to know how to use a pharmacy in Italy. While we have access to the military health clinic, it is not always open. It is not always convenient for those of you living outside of Vicenza […]

Ten Places to Eat in Vicenza, Italy

Vicenza Restaurant

Once you have arrived and gotten used to being on post, you will get tired of food from the PX and the mess hall. Ederle Inn has breakfast, but you are on your own for lunch and supper (or dinner or whatever you call the evening meal in your house.) I’m going to help you […]

5 Websites to Watch American TV in Italy (For Free)

I miss my satellite dish. More accurately, I miss being able to watch my TV shows. Normally I complain about everyone in my family watching too much television, but after moving to Italy I realized how much I enjoyed the TV programs I did watch. I know, I know. The military gave us one of […]