About Us

I’m pretty sure I am singing to the choir when I say life is tough for military families (at times.) Moving every few years is challenging, but gives tons of opportunities to see and do new places and things. Moving to another country is a total blessing, but it is not always easy to say the least.

Vicenza Military Family (VMF) is all about information about moving to and living in Vicenza, Italy.


One minute you might feel elated about moving to Italy only to become totally frustrated when you receive a phone call from your transportation office reporting difficulties in completing official paperwork. Your active duty spouse may not always remember to share crucial pieces of information. As I mentioned before, moving to another country is a crazy experience.

In between daydreaming about all the amazing places you will travel on your next 4-day weekend, discovering the difference between a tourist passport and an official passport, and determining how to ship your eighty pound dog; you will feel really stressed.

This is where VMF can help. We give you information on how to make your move to Italy go smoothly, talk about what is important when you look for housing, and discuss some not-to-be-missed places around Vicenza.


Life in Italy is different as a resident is way different from life as a tourist. Some of your ideas about life in Italy will be true (the wine and cheese are pretty awesome) and other ideas will not turn out to be so.

Figuring out that Camisano is to the east of Vicenza and Longare is to the south of Vicenza will take time. Finding a favorite place to have your coffee in the morning means you have to know your options. Finding your way to and through the maze of paying bills, installing internet and getting a haircut is easier when you have someone to help guide you through.

We will share all those little tidbits of knowledge that can make your time spent near Vicenza better.


And as a bonus, you will get some information about traveling! Discover places to visit for daytrips, 4-day weekends, and longer vacations. VMF will supply tips on transportation (planes, trains and cars) and ways to find affordable and unique places to stay.

We hope to get to know you better, we are glad you are here!