Welcome to Italy Army Video, Part 2

In Part 2 of the “Welcome to Italy” video, you can learn about driving, health care and Italian culture. Check it out here: If you have not seen Part 1 of the “Welcome to Italy” Video, check it out Here.

Welcome to Italy Army Video, Part 1

Here is what the U.S. Army has to say about Caserma Ederle and Italian bases in its “Welcome to Italy” video! These videos have some good information on them, so take a look! Here is Part 1 of Welcome to Italy, Caserma Ederle Not especially exciting, but very helpful!   Check out Part 2 HERE!

Ten Places to Eat in Vicenza, Italy

Vicenza Restaurant

Once you have arrived and gotten used to being on post, you will get tired of food from the PX and the mess hall. Ederle Inn has breakfast, but you are on your own for lunch and supper (or dinner or whatever you call the evening meal in your house.) I’m going to help you […]

5 Websites to Watch American TV in Italy (For Free)

I miss my satellite dish. More accurately, I miss being able to watch my TV shows. Normally I complain about everyone in my family watching too much television, but after moving to Italy I realized how much I enjoyed the TV programs I did watch. I know, I know. The military gave us one of […]

Three Easy Day Trips From Vicenza

Marostica, Italy

Once you have arrived and settled-in to your hotel, you will find you have a little bit of time for fun. It can be really overwhelming to get out and do anything when you don’t know the area or the language. I want to encourage you to get out and see the area. Here are […]

What 220 Volt Appliances Do You Need?

220 V Appliance

  As I have talked about before, electricity is different in the United States than it is in Europe. This means you have to put a bit more thought into the appliances you use each day. Some of your 110 volt appliances will work fine, other times it is easier to purchase new (or gently […]

Why You Need An Electrical Transformer

Let’s talk some more about electricity. I know it is not the most exciting chat we could have, but trust me when I say it is important. Moving overseas means you need to check a few things on all your stuff that uses electricity. Some of these things will work fine, other things are probably […]