Train Travel in Italy: Helpful Videos

I had never came near a train before coming to Italy. Catching a train in most parts of the U.S. is not easy, because the passenger train system is not well developed in the states. Here in Vicenza, you can catch a train to many places. I am getting off topic though, so back to the videos.

I love YouTube. It is getting so there is a video for anything. Train travel is no exception. I actually started watching several videos that were not very well-done. I almost gave up, but then I ran into two videos that were really helpful.

Nada’s Italy has a great video on trains in Italy. I like that she shows you how to navigate the TrenItalia website, which can be confusing.

The second video is made by the gentleman who blogs at “Wolters World.” This video gives some basic vocabulary and tips. He is actually doing part of the video in the Vicenza train station, so it caught my eye. It is only about five minutes long, so it is to the point.

I’ll talk more about trains again soon, but this ought to give you some basic information to get you started. Verona and Venice are the two starter trips, I’d recommend. Traveling to Venice by train is way more relaxing to me that trying to navigate the roads on the outskirts of Venice and find parking. Try the train, it is easy!

Let me know in the comment section where you like to travel by train.


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